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    • Brand: Linoflax

      Bio Stem Cell is a product that contains a series of ingredients that are important to trigger the release of millions of our stem cells from the bone marrow into circulation and at the same time provides nutrients essential to strength the immune system. Bio Stem Cell can help the body heal itself. *

      Bio Stem Cell stimulates production of stem cells released from our bone marrow into the bloodstream. Stem cells naturally migrate to tissue needing repair, attaching and multiplying thousands of times and becoming new tissue. Stem cells circulating in the bloodstream continuously allows for constant tissue renewal and repair. *

      Bio Stem Cell also stimulates the immune system to help out body fight disease and to maintain immune response in top performance. *

      One key component is extracted from Lake Klamath, Oregon is in each capsule.  This component is called Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae better known as AFA.

      Another Key component is Colostrum. It has been called by many, “liquid gold,” due to the powerful immune supportive compounds contained within. Could it be the secret key to overcoming chronic disease and building a robust immune system. *

    • Brand: Linoflax

      O2 Oxy, is a highly concentrated, super-energized liquid that is registered as an exclusive formula, containing 70 trace elements and minerals combined with silica, amino acids, dissolved and nascent oxygen; which works as a food and mineral supplement.

      O2 Oxy improves biochemical nutrient activities and provides the body with what modern lifestyle and technology are taking away from it. *

      Numerous scientific studies, mainly those carried out by Dr. Otto Warburg in the 1930s, maintain that the main cause of cancer is the change in oxygen respiration due to the fermentation of glucose at the cellular level. That is why Oxygen is a great alternative to fight against cancer cells, saturating them with the nascent oxygen that is produced when taking this product in large quantities

    • Brand: Linoflax

      Omega 3 Complex is a supplement helps to take care of health problems caused by inflammation due to lack of Omega-3 essential Fatty acids. This product works to ensure that all the cells and tissues function normally and that all activities are carried out accordingly. *

      Omega 3 Complex is useful for the general performance of the body because it ensures that all bodily function is executed. The supplement also ensures that the brain and heart are functioning normally. *

    • Super Immune Mushrooms features a blend of Reishi, Maitake, Shitake and Cordyceps Mushrooms.

      Proven mushroom nutrition benefits include the ability to boost the immune system and combat many diseases by way of providing numerous important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Mushrooms are also a high antioxidant food — highlighted by ergothioneine — which means they fight free radical damage. According to extensive research, many mushrooms contain a wide variety of bioactive molecules that have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities.

      Mushroom nutrition benefits also include their capability to inhibit viruses and decrease the severity of illness in those who are already sick. For example, certain types of mushrooms are shown to increase production of B and T lymphocytes, which are the crucial immune cells that help control our response to pathogens (harmful bacteria), viruses, toxins and other substances that can make us fall victim to disease.