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Glucose Control

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    • All Natural EZ-Glucose Complex is one of its kind, herbalist formulated blend of the best natural ingredients, designed specifically to help support glucose metabolism, healthy sugar levels and anti-oxidant, in individuals with high blood sugar, increased abdominal girth and early stages of elevated sugar and insulin resistance. *

      Its ingredients have been scientifically proven in various studies and proven to be effective to support glucose metabolism. *

    • Brand: Linoflax

      Gluco Flax offers the best option when it comes to managing sugar levels. *

      Gluco Flax contains Flaxseed, Cinnamon and Nopal Cactus Powder. There is an overwhelming amount of research that link these 3 ingredients with managing diabetes and insulin levels. *

      Besides dealing with sugar levels, Gluco Flax may help with cleaning the intestinal tract and promote bowel movements for those suffering with constipation. *

      Dietary Fiber and Omega-3 are proven to help keep in control cholesterol levels. Omega-3 fatty acids are very effective in helping with inflammation. Inflammation is the main precursor of the major diseases. Omega-3 helps protect the heart and arteries.